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Diabetes types and its management

Diabetes Living with Diabetes
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Did you ever heard about a disease named ‘DIABETIES’? I am sure you have. When you hear the word diabetics your first thought is likely about high blood sugar. Now what is diabetes?


Diabetes is a disease in which the person’s normal blood sugar rises without going back to normal. This happens due to lack of insulin secretions by pancreas. Usually, diabetes is a genetic problem but some people are too foody that they eat a lot of sugary and starchy foods which unfortunately, leads them to diabetes.


Going to the types we have two of them,

. Diabetes Mellitus occurs when the person’s insulin is not secreted and its blood glucose level rises. A person with this disease has loss of weight, weakening of muscles and tiredness. This type can be cured by insulin administration.

. Diabetes Insipidus occurs when there is excessive loss of fluids through urine in a person’s body. Prohibition of a hormone called ‘vasopressin’ leads to this type 2 which is secreted by pituitary gland. Doctors have prescribed some medicines which have been proven effective against this type. Some of them are given by mouth while others are given as injections.


For the diagnosis of diabetes doctors use blood tests. Two of them are very common; AIC test which is based on the condition of patient’s blood sugar in last three months. Fasting plasma glucose test [FPG] on eight hour fasting basis of patient.


Some people cloud the issue that what will happen if it is left untreated.  To be fair and square, diabetes affects the body from head to toe if it is left untreated. It can lead to potential complications like stroke, kidney damage, increased risk of high blood sugar, loss of consciousness, muscles weakening, mental health diseases and much more.


Diabetes can be effectively managed when caught early. Proper healthy diet and insulin administration lessens the risk factors due to diabetes. Beside this proper exercise have also proven to be effective against it. To keep the ball rolling, I want to add a few health lines to convince everyone to emphasise healthy food like fruits and vegetables to keep you and your family potentially strong against this disease.

6- Why is Exercise important for Diabetic people?

Healthy lifestyle is extremely significant for Diabetic people. It is imperative for diabetic patients to do at least 30 min excessive daily. The exercise can be of any form; it can be running, walk, swimming, football, cricket or any other game. The purpose is to keep your body active  so that your blood glucose level goes down. This will also help you to keep your weight in check and stay in shape as well. Moreover you mental health will also improve by incorporating exercise in your daily routine. Apart from exercise, such patients should also eat healthy and must avoid eating carbohydrates and sugar as much as possible.

All in all, it is utmost request to diabetic patients to improve their life style by including exercise and healthy eating in it. Moreover, they must take their medications on time to regulate blood glucose level. Another tip is always keep something sweet in your pocket in case your blood sugar goes low and you need to eat something sweet in emergency. As always we wish you good luck and pray that you always stay happy and safe.

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Author information:

This article is written by Janita Tahir. She is an aspiring and hard working student. She studied Metric in I.M.C.G F-8/1 Islamabad, Pakistan.  She just completed metric with BIO science specialisation  from FBISE and got 89% marks. She wants to be a doctor and is currently applying for FSC in various colleges. We would really appreciate if you share her article with your friends and family.


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