Diabetes and its Early Indications

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Recognising the early symptoms of diabetes is a hard nut to crack. Knowing the early symptoms of diabetes at the right time is really important. The early signs of diabetes are: –

. Feeling extreme hunger

. Un healing wounds and cuts

. Too much urination

. Feeling extreme thirst

. Suffering from weight loss without any intention

. Issue with vision [Have blurred vision]

. Feeling tired and lazy

  • Feeling extremely hungry: –

Feeling extremely hungry can be an early prediction for diabetes. As lack of insulin causes diabetes. So, if the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin the body cells will be uncapable of bringing in glucose from the food we eat. So, cells do not get energy from food and we will feel hungry even though we are eating.

  • Un-healing wounds and cuts: –

If your wounds are not healing it will be a symptom of diabetes. It happens due to your glucose level. When your blood sugar rise, it affects your blood flow that damages your nerves. As your nerves get damaged, they don’t function properly and your wounds do not heal faster. That is why slow healing wounds are considered the common effect of diabetes.

  • Too much urination: –

Often urinating is another indication for diabetes. We know that kidneys form urine and our body mechanisms reabsorb glucose from urine into blood. If the blood glucose level rises, the kidneys will not function properly. This will cause the body to urinate more often and produce more urine than normal as kidneys are not functioning properly.

  • Extreme thirst: –

At the early stage of diabetes, if you are urinating more than normal, it will take more fluids out of your body. When you will suffer from loss of body fluids you will feel thirsty. So, feeling thirst is a sign of diabetes.

  • Suffering from weight loss: –

When you get the rise in blood sugar level, the insufficient insulin in your body prevents the cells from taking in glucose. No glucose means no energy.so, the cells do not get energy. The cells will start burning fats and muscles to meet its energy requirements. Thus, losing weight is a common prediction for diabetes.

  • Blurred vision: –

As your increased blood glucose can also affect your fluids level so, change in fluids level can affect your eye lens and can cause it to swell. Thus, your eye lens loses focus and shape. This is the cause of blurry vision and a sign of diabetes.

  • Feeling tired and lazy: –

When our blood sugar is high and insulin is not working, our cells cannot take in glucose due to insulin resistance. Due to this, our cells have no energy and we feel tired and lazy.

Its Management: –

Diabetes can be effectively managed when caught early. Normally, people with undiagnosed diabetes control it with proper diet and exercise. Other people need proper medications and insulin administration. Different drugs are also given as medicines like Biguanides which increase muscles glucose intake and decrease hepatic glucose. Sulfonylureas which stimulate first phase insulin secretions. some medicines ae given by mouth while other are given orally.

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Author information:

This article is written by Janita Tahir. She is an aspiring and hard working student. She studied Metric in I.M.C.G F-8/1 Islamabad, Pakistan.  She just completed metric with BIO science specialisation from FBISE and got 89% marks. She wants to be a doctor and is currently applying for FSC in various colleges. We would really appreciate if you share her article with your friends and family.


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