Early Symptoms of Diabetes in men, women and children

Early Symptoms of DIABETES in men, women and children!

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Do you suspect you have diabetes and are not sure about its symptoms? Well don’t worry you are not alone. Many people found it hard for themselves to recognize these early symptoms as at the early stage the symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed. As the early symptoms suggest, it is the preliminary signs or things that appear as indication for diabetes.so it comes up with many signs but the three most common of them is feeling thirst or suffering from fatigue, having strange sensations in your feet and blurred vision.


1.Early signs in children: –

Many people thought that only adults could have this disease but they are wrong even infants can get this disease.

. causes of its origin: –

The causes of its origin in infants and children are not so defined but genetics, weak immune system, environmental factors and race (as it is common in Asian, African-American, Hawaii and Native Americans) are more likely to develop diabetes.

. symptoms: –

In children there are a number of symptoms like: –

. suffering from behavior changes

. Feeling extremely thirsty

. Having sweet smelling breath

. Frequent urination

. Bed wetting even though your child is potty-trained

. Unexpected weight loss


2.Early signs in men: –

Diabetes is a disease that doesn’t requires any specific color or creed whether a person is tall or short it affects every type of people.

. causes of its origin: –

Men usually get diabetes because of obesity or having a sedentary lifestyle. Having a particular race also matters because Asians, African-Americans, Hawaii or Native Americans are more likely to develop this disease. If you have a family history of diabetes or heart attack you have more chance to develop this disease. Alcohol consumption and smoking, increased blood pressure also leads to diabetes.

. Symptoms: –

Most of the symptoms in men and women are same. some symptoms in men are: –

. Having increased thirst

. Feeling too much hunger

. Blurred vision

. Suffering from tiredness

. Strong and strange sensations in your feet

. Having a dry mouth

. Too much vomiting

. Un Occasional nausea

. weight gain or weight loss in some cases

. Frequent urination

3.Early signs in women: –

According to the Diabetes Atlas published in 2013, around 366 persons were affected with diabetes at that time. The latest research says around 1 in every 9 adult women in U.S are affected with diabetes.

. Causes of its origin: –

Women with high cholesterol levels are more likely to develop these symptoms. However, some causes in men and women are same like if you have a family history of diabetes, heart diseases, stroke you have more chance to develop diabetes. High blood pressure, an age of mid-forty and above or having a bad gestational diabetes are subject to develop diabetes in women.

. Symptoms: –

For women early predictions includes

. Increased thirst and hunger

. Irritability

. Frequent urination

. Vaginal, oral and urinary infections

. Having any problem related with insulin like PCOS

. Blurred vision

. Reduced feelings in feet and hands

darker skin

. Skin discolorations

. Weight gain in some cases

4.Its Managing Tips for all: –

. For children, its cure can be possible by helping your child maintain proper healthy diet. Proper exercise can also increase his health. Although, it is a metabolic disease and cannot be cured permanently you can still manage your child’s blood glucose by having his regular checkup by his diabetes doctor every twice a year.

. For Men, its cure can be done by having proper diet. By taking part in proper exercise. Visiting your doctor every once in a year. Advancement in technology had led to the production of many medicines for men and women with diabetes that helps a lot. Beside this, Proper insulin administration matters a lot.

. For Women, we suggest same. Proper treatment and balanced and good diet. Eating more green vegetables like broccoli, pea etc. Reducing carbohydrates intake and by choosing low glucose containing foods you can manage your diabetes to a quite extent.

SO, to keep the ball rolling the essential insulin therapy and remedy for all to follow is to do proper exercise, take a balanced diet and have proper insulin administration so you can save you and your loved ones from diabetes.

Author information:

This article is written by Janita Tahir. She is an aspiring and hard working student. She studied Metric in I.M.C.G F-8/1 Islamabad, Pakistan.  She just completed metric with BIO science specialisation from FBISE and got 89% marks. She wants to be a doctor and is currently applying for FSC in various colleges. We would really appreciate if you share her article with your friends and family. 





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