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5 Diabetes Travel Tips

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Although during covid, tourism was reduced all around the world, but since covid has started to reduce. The travel industry around the globe is booming again. Especially during the sports seasons like FIFA 2022. The tourism industry in QATAR is booming right now. We all love to travel and look for any excuse to put on our shoes and visit new countries. While normal people have no issue during travelling, we as a diabetic patient have to be extra cautious about our health. To ensure that diabetic patient’s health remains good, it is imperative that they follow few diabetes travel tip.

When you travel, being prepared decreases stress. A diabetic should pay particular attention to this. These five diabetes travel tips are easy to follow and essential for managing your condition. If you are going abroad, they are very crucial.

Get a Proper Check Up Before you Leave

One of the first diabetes travel tips is to ensure that you Get checked out before your trip. Check to see if your cholesterol, blood pressure, and A1C blood sugar levels are all within normal ranges. Make sure that you have your last blood tests results printed copy in your hand bag. So that if you need to contact a doctor there you are able to show them your last blood results. It will help the doctor to diagnose your health issue faster.

Get your Vaccinations

Get the necessary vaccinations before travelling to any country. Diabetes are prone to infections. So it is better to ask your diabetes specialist about what vaccinations you might need before travel. It is a good idea to let the doctor know about your destination as doctors tend to know more about what kind of diseases are common in which countries. As a result they can guide you better which vaccinations must be taken before your travel.

Keep your Diabetes Identification with you

Show off your diabetes identification. It should ideally be written in the language used in the nation you are visiting. You don’t want medical issues brought on by language barriers because not everyone can understand you.

Pack your Medicine and Snacks approprietly

Pack your glucose snacks and prescription medication in your hand luggage. Unfortunately, lost checked baggage can happen to any of us. Don’t take a chance by carrying your diabetes medicine.

Get a Doctor Letter

Make sure that you get a letter from your diabetes specialist doctor. It should contain details of your blood glucose control and your diet. IT should also contain detail about any other health problems you have. Always keep it in your handbag, so that in the case of emergency, emergency services can find it immediately. This way they will know all pf your medical conditions in one go and will be able to treat you immediately. This step is extremely important. As if they are treating you without knowing your allergies or conditions, they might give you wrong medications that can make your health worse. So I cannot stress this enough, you have to have a diabetes specialist letter in your handbag before you travel. It should be in your bag all the time till you reach back home.

I really hope that these 5 diabetes travel tips helps reduce your fear of travel and ensure your health safety during travel. Remember, If you follow these 5 tips, your life will be much easier abroad and you can be diagnosed and treated faster in the case of emergency. If you know any other tips that can help diabetic patients during travel than kindly leave a comment below and share the love and knowledge.


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